How to Backup a Computer

No one should ever lose a document or file regardless of how important it may or may not be. There are several reasons for loss of file and data and this could be as a result of a crashed hard drive or virus/spyware corrupting the file. It is therefore imperative to ensure your files are backed up regularly. In fact, back up should be done immediately it crosses your mind.

The following steps would illustrate how one can back up a computer and ensure no important file is ever lost.

The first step in backing up your computer is identifying where your important files are located. More often than not, these files are either found in the Documents folder or on the Desktop. In some cases, the search might need to be intensified especially when you have your files in other locations besides the mentioned ones.

It is important you close all programs you have running on the computer before the backup is started.

For computers with the Windows 7 operating system, below are the procedures for backing up your computer with the in-built backup utility.

You click the Start button after which Control Panel is selected. You then select Back up your Computer under the System and Security tab.

Back up your computer

This is the first step in backing up your computer and if it is the first time of backing up the computer, you need to click the “set up backup” and follow the instructions of the wizard guide. This sometimes require you get the permission of the administrator and when you do not have one, it is advised you seek the help of your administrator to do the backup.

It is best you get either a USB flash or an external hard drive with enough space to contain all your important files. Remember it is a backup tool meaning it should be kept in a safe and secure location.

Selection of Files and Folders

Some systems would help you in selecting the files they perceive to be important but you have the option of selecting additional files to back up. It is advised you do a regular back up of your computer and this can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or even daily and it is best you do a daily back up if you have the time.

Schedule Backup

Once the backup is configured by Windows, the backup is started. It usually takes a bit more time for the first backup to be completed for obvious reasons.

Backup in Progress

The screen would normally show backup in progress and you can know when the process is completed.

Backing up your computer is pretty simple and easy, so there is no reason for you to lose an important data.

IT help desk Support

There are different ways of ensuring clients and even prospective customers always get their questions answered and having a IT helpdesk support service is one of those ways. Even when the confines of IT help desk support services, there are a number of channels to ensure clients get the necessary support and some of these channels are discussed below.


This is one of the most preferred options opted for by clients. It is therefore essential to make sure you have an IT service provider that is reachable and responsive all day through the year. In fact, it is essential to consider having a toll free line dedicated to taking care of the needs of clients whenever they need support. You might also want the requests made on the telephone recorded and connected to online help services.

Online Helpdesk

Having a website that allow clients register their plight is another good IT helpdesk channel. This is because many customers would love to lodge their complaints and try to find solutions on the internet. As a provider, it is good to integrate this channel with other channels of providing solutions.


Forums allow clients and users throw their questions out and if this is allowed by a service provider, it is classified as providing a helpdesk service.


The importance of having an email channel cannot be overemphasized. It is an easy way for clients to ask questions and contact their service provider as well as giving the provider a kind of list through which these clients can be contacted in future. It is relatively faster and clients would normally expect faster solutions.

Social Networking

With the increasing number of people on the various social media networks, it is almost compulsory for a business to have some social media presence and providing a platform on as many as possible social media networks is a good way of doing this.

Other support services that can be provided include on site technicians and remote access.

The benefits of having an IT help desk cannot be overemphasized. It does not only ensure your customers get response and their problems are solved as and when due, it also portrays you as a responsive business and this can be very helpful especially in attracting prospective customers.

Every business whether IT or not, should have a helpdesk and a responsive one at that as every client wants a business that responds to his needs.